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Château Chalon

Guardian of the vineyards, Château-Chalon is perched on the edge of a cliff and for centuries has watched over the entrance to its neighbouring blind valleys. The village will delight and amaze you with its unassailable and spectacular setting.

The heart of the village has a timeless charm, its ancient buildings telling of a legendary past. Today designated one of Franche-Comté's "characterful villages" and one of France's "most beautiful villages", this hilltop settlement offers views to match the treasures of its countryside.


Vin Jaune (yellow wine), previously called "vin de garde" or wine to keep, is made uniquely from the Savagnin grape variety. During the ageing phase of its production part of the wine evaporates and a layer of yeast is formed on the surface. This acts to protect the wine from oxidation and gives it its very special and unique taste, the "goût de Jaune".

   Yellow wine

Since 1997, the celebration of the "Percée du Vin Jaune" has taken place on the first weekend of February.

This festival changes location each year to another winemaking village in the Jura. It is a huge festival organized in honour of this exceptional wine at the moment when the symbolic barrel is pierced at the end of the obligatory period of maturing (6 years and 3 months).


Perched on the Chateau Chalon rocks, the Maison de la Haute Seille takes you on a voyage of discovery around this exceptional region, fashioned over the course of geological time… More than just a change of scenery, this is time travel!

You will also discover certain ancestral crafts that have been preserved; those of stone masonry and dry stone walling and the famous ritual of tapping the barrels of Vin Jaune.

Take a break and listen to the tales of the local inhabitants of the Haute Seille area, who tell you their stories. The roof frame of the building can also be seen and admired thanks to a clever system of lighting.

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