Stéphane Meyer





Curious in every sense of the word, Stéphane evokes as more mysteries as he deigns to solve. No stranger to controversy, the winemaker’s grandson--who questioned his father’s lessons in astrophysics--adopted a vision of endless possibilities as he distilled grape pomace in his first stills 

This objector to preconceived ideas delved into the expertise of the botanist and the vintner, who awoke in him the need for a renaissance of the respect owed to the plant kingdom.

Stéphane Meyer picks special plants in the forest to cook Gin and Absinthe
Stéphan Meyer show some green plants before heading back to home

Stéphane criss-crossed Europe, bringing back riches neglected by culinary traditions he deems too young by contrast with the rest of the world, and pursued the research into the world of spirits that earned him the title of “the druid of Paris”.

Stéphane explores hidden recesses often overlooked in favour of marked trails. Having restored the radiance of Château-Chalon as a rich storehouse of wine, it now enriches the man after having taught the boy.

Stéphane Meyer is sat on a rock and overlooks the mountains in front of him
The wood where Stéphane Meyer finds the plants he uses for his spirits

There Stéphane strips his own spirit of all non-essentials in the same way that he purifies the fruit of the vine, meditating, deliberating, creating...

He awakens a legacy of richness that was likely lost with the oral traditions, and perseveres in his quest for the plant, the recipe and the breathtaking vintage that will awaken somnolent sensibilities.

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